Making the best wines in chile

Aires del Baker, has its origins in the majestic central valley of Chile, where it stands out for its privileged climate, the beautiful landscapes of its coast and our imposing Andes mountain range, which as a whole, give us the essential and ideal characteristics to give origin to the process of our strains.

Our wines are defined by their notes of freshness that synthesize the best of southern Chile and its Patagonia; its wood, its aroma, its character and, above all, its strength and spirit, delivering a unique wine, with special characteristics and superior quality.

Aires del Baker invites you to live an unforgettable experience and promises to be a surprise on the palate of those who have the privilege of drinking it.

Main Executives of the company

Gabriel Sepúlveda Gómez

General manager

Nelson Fernández del Pozo

Operations and Business Development Manager


Produce wines with high standards of safety and quality, being part of the protection of the environment and the Sustainability of the Terroir, promoting a responsible culture of wine consumption.


To be a leading company in the production and distribution of high quality wines, providing an excellent service for our clients and consumers.

Our Values

Honesty, transparency, innovation, responsibility and, above all, highlighting ethical work and the human group.


The main winery is located 110 kilometers south of Santiago de Chile, the national capital, and is characterized for being one of the most modern wineries in South America, and the second distribution center is located in the city of Osorno, los lagos region.

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